About Us

It all started when we bought our first fully owned home—a 24-foot tiny house on wheels. It was a dream but needed a lot of additions, so we began sanding, building, and staining piece after piece. We fell in love with woodworking, finding romance in the smell of wood and the flying sawdust. Even more, we found value in the hard work, family including kind of work it involved, spending days with paint on our hands and sawdust in our hair, we found we loved building and creating.

We started our business in our tiny 20×20 front yard in the fall of 2020 with the vision of creating some extra income by building greenhouses and chicken coops. Dawson started out building the structures and Cassidy would paint them. During those first months we learned so much about the industry and producing sheds. Our little girls played with their dolls in each building as we finished them. We would have to check for doll clothes before we delivered our buildings. Slowly our business grew and became a full-time business. In the summer of 2021, we added our first employee to the team as our sales began to take off. This really took our efficiency in production and quality to the next level. We were able to drastically shorten our lead times while also increasing the quality of our buildings through the expert craftsmanship of our new team member. During this time, we also began to add to our style and structure options.

About Dawson and Cassidy


Dawson and Cassidy started out life young and were married in 2017 at 19 and 18. They have three beautiful children that keep them very busy. In their free time they enjoy exploring nature, playing in the creek, and gardening. 

They love producing a quality structures that their customers can enjoy for years to come. It has been a joy for them to watch Stolls Wood works emerge from a small side business in their backyard to all it is today.

Dawson is head of sales and accounting. Cassidy brings many new ideas and quality systems to Stolls Wood Works’ Tiny Homes while also taking care of 3 toddlers.

In their free time they enjoy exploring nature, playing in the creek, and gardening. 

The First Year Starting Out

Sheds For Sale In Nashville Samuel
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Our Mission


Our mission is simple – to provide custom built quality tiny homes to our customers, and to create value, quality, and significance in their living spaces. Also, to operate to the benefit of our customers, employees, and community.

Our Quality

Here at Stolls Wood Works we aim to provide you with the best custom tiny homes. With this goal in mind we have taken are to chose the best products with which to build our buildings. Our skilled Mennonite and Amish craftsmen take these superior materials and with care and consideration build you your dream custom tiny home.

Our Sales Process

We treat each and every customer with care and consideration. We don’t see our customers another number in the system, but each individual with their own unique needs. Our team is dedicated to creating the best experience for our customers from the first time they call to the day their tiny home is delivered. We keep our customers up to date as their tiny home works its way through production until it gets delivered.

Our Guarantee

We believe in our quality and that is why our buildings are backed with a 1 year manufactures warranty for any defects in construction. All the appliances also come with their warranties. We want you to be able to buy with confidence and certainty that you have one of the best custom tiny homes on the market.




Buildings are made more affordable with our new financing options. We work closely with our clients and provide them with the best finacing options that work for them.