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  1. If you need a place to store your lawn mower and yard tools. Why settle for a cookie cutter shed when you can have a structure that truly enhances your backyard? Our team can help you create the perfect space to fit your needs. Our team will work with you from design to the finishing touches to develop the perfect place for all your lawn tools. Our team is dedicated to providing the best sheds for sale in Nashville. We use high quality siding that is resistant to rot, mold, and mildew. Our roofs are backed with a limited lifetime warranty and come in a large variety of colors.
  2. If you are looking to grow your own food. If you are like many these day you are probably looking for a way to become more self sustainable and not be so reliant on the supply chain for your own food. Our greenhouses provide an excellent way to sustainably grow your own food year round. We can help you design exactly what you need. Whether it be a simplistic and minimalistic or detailed and automated we can help you find the best greenhouses and sheds for sale in Nashville. All of our Greenhouses are built with pressure treated floor joists and high quality lumber to ensure that you get the best.
  3. If you need extra storage space to store your things our team is here to help you find the perfect shed for sale in Nashville and the surrounding area to store your things. We will help you find the perfect style that suits you storage needs as well as your backyard. And with our many customization options we can turn you simple storage need into a beautiful addition to your backyard. Not only do our sheds look great, but they are built with high quality materials and craftmanship to ensure you get more than what you pay for.
  4. If you need a building for your animals. Not only does our team build sheds for sale in Nashville and the surrounding areas, but we also custom build run in barns for your animals. We lay hardwood boards on the inside to provide integrity to our barns. All our barns as built with a lifetime year metal roof and Smartside siding that way you can buy at ease and knowing that this product will be around for years to come.
  5. If you are looking for a retreat and place to get away from it all our team can help. We can work with you to custom design the perfect getaway in your own backyard. Whether you intent to use it for writing, relaxation, dance, art, or more we can help. We are focused on proving you the perfect shed for sale in Nashville and surrounding areas. Our team will work with you to design in our 3d designer the building that suits you perfectly and our team of skilled craftsmen will turn that dream into a reality.
  6. If you need a custom home office. With the advent of the internet many indivuals have begun working at home. Sometime though it is nice to have a space where you can get away from the busy house but still only a few steps away from your backdoor. We can work with you to build the perfect work space of your dreams. The perfect place to focus and accomplish your work without being far from home. No traffic, no gas milage, and all within the confinds of your peaceful backyard. With our 3d designer we can help you visualize the office even before its built and with our team of craftsmen we can make this the best office shed for sale in Nashville and the surrounding areas.
  7. We provide excellent customer service. We take time to work with each customer to understand their needs and desires. We don’t see you as another number, but genuinely care and take time to understand your needs and your vision for your structure. We will custom design a 3d model of your dream building so you can order with confidence. Our custom greenhouses and sheds for sale in Nashville will be exactly what you’re looking for.
  8. We offer a free 3d custom built model. No hand drawn sketches that are hard to understand. No verbal descriptions over the phone or typed up over and email. We offer state of the art 3d custom models for you greenhouse or shed for sale in Nashville. We will work with you over the phone to design the building of your dreams and then send the model to you. You can add windows, doors, porches, and more! The opportunities to customize are numerous! And you can buy with confidence knowing exactly how your custom building will look when it arrives.
  9. We use Quality Materials. Here at Stolls Wood Works we don’t produce cheaply constructed sheds. We don’t believe that building is worth building unless it is don’t right. That’s why we have worked hard to use the best materials we can find. We use high quality moister resistant subfloor, treated floor joists and runners, high quality lumber for the framing, a lifetime metal roof, and Smartside Siding which is a high quality siding that guards against rot, mildew, mold and more. We believe that you should be able to buy your greenhouse or shed for sale in Nashville with confidence.
  10. We have a fast turn around time. Why buy a building if you have to wait months to get it? Here at Stolls Wood Works we work hard to keep our lead time to 4-5 weeks from the time you first place your order. We believe that your order is priority and treat it as such. When the time for delivery comes our team of professionals will deliver and set up your custom Stolls Wood Works building with the greatest of care and efficiency. We want you experience buying one of our greenhouses or sheds for sale in Nashville to be the best from start to finish.