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Here are Stolls Wood Works we love working with our clients to help them design their dream building. We know that the right building can add so much to your backyard living space and that’s why we take time with each customer to ensure their need are met from utilities to ascetics.

This Beautiful Lofted Barn was Constructed for the Stutts family. Our team worked with them to pick out the best colors and helped them determine the size that was best for their storage needs. The Stutts family decided to go with a 10×16 Lofted barn. This barn comes standard with 7’ walls and a gambrel roof which provides a lot of additional storage room. Along with the standard 4’ loft the Stutts chose to add an additional 4’ loft on the other side of the lofted barn for additional storage. The lofts paired with our 7’ walls are fantastic for storage and still provide plenty of headroom to work underneath. For the final touches 2 2×3 windows were added for aesthetics and to flood the shed with beautiful light.

“Extremely Happy! Thank you! I plan on sharing your contact information on our neighborhood Facebook page with a picture!” – Stutts Family

We were so happy that the Stutts Family was so pleased with their lofted barn and we continue to do all we can to provide the best sheds for sale in Nashville and the surrounding areas.

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This Custom Greenhouse was Designed for the Bailey Family. The Bailey’s fell in love with our Greenhouses but needed a few customizations. They had a gate was only 7’ 6” wide, but they wanted to have a much width as possible, so we decided to build a custom 7’ wide greenhouse to best fit their needs. In addition to the width the Baileys also opted to add 6’ walls and place the greenhouse door on the side. This gave the building a beautiful and elegant look and we have had more customers asking for the same design since. For ease of mind the Baileys chose to have the thermostat controlled fan installed into their greenhouse. And for the finishing touches the greenhouse was stained on the inside and given a trex deck floor. We love providing custom built greenhouses and sheds for sale in Nashville and the surrounding areas just like this.

“Stoll’s Wood Works built a custom greenhouse for our backyard. We absolutely love it and can’t wait to start working on it! Thanks to Dawson and his team for working so well with us. They are Kind, professional and responsive.”

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This Customer wanted a 10×12 greenhouse, but wanted to add more ventilation. We added 2 2×3 window one on either side to offer more ventilation on to this custom greenhouse. In addition to the windows the customer chose to add one of our thermostat controlled fans to even better control the climate of her greenhouse. And with the addition of an exterior grade plywood floor this greenhouse hold up to all kind of moister. The delivery location was bit tricky but our delivery professionals expertly secured and leveled this greenhouse, so the customer could enjoy her own vegetables for years to come. We love providing custom greenhouses and sheds for sale in Nashville and the surrounding areas. And look forward to helping you with your own unique project.

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The Talley Family contacted us because they wanted a larger size greenhouse to grow their own food in. We worked together to find a perfect size that suited their needs. The Talleys decided to go with our 10×16 size greenhouse because they felt that it would best suit their growing needs. They also chose to add a 15” deep exterior grade shelving on all three sides of the structure to give plenty of space for their plants. For extra ventilation and ease of mind they chose to add our thermostat controlled fan, which can be preset and helps to maintain the climate of the greenhouse. And to add a bit of flare they added the stained framing and our trex deck flooring. This gave the greenhouse a sharp and gorgeous look. We love producing greenhouses and sheds for sale in Nashville and the surrounding areas just like this for our customers

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This customer was looking for a small and cute greenhouse that fit within her budget. We were able to provide her with our standard 6×10 floorless greenhouse. The standard window in the door is provides ventilation and our treated 4×4 base give this structure a strong and resilient foundation. Though this greenhouse is small in width in length it sports 8’ ceilings and 5’ walls on the sides. This fit perfectly in her backyard and gave her a lovely place to start gardening and producing her own food.

“I bought a small greenhouse for my backyard the service was fantastic! Can’t recommend this company enough from ordering to delivery super job, polite, and communications well!”


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We specifically designed this shed to serve the unique needs of this customer. He was looking for a building to store his firewood in. After understanding the customers needs we designed and custom built this 6×10 3 sided shed with a treated plywood floor to guard against rot. The customer was thrilled when he got it and will be stacking his firewood up for winter. We were so honored to provide this customer with a great custom shed for sale in Nashville.

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This customer was looking to become more self sustainable. She contacted us looking for a custom built greenhouse. After discussing her needs she decided that a 8×16 size would be the best size for what she was going be growing. In addition to the standard window in the door she opted to add the thermostat controlled fan for more climate control. She also chose to add a trex deck floor for a modern and sleek look. Paired with the trex deck floor she chose to add staining to the framing which against the white exterior really give the greenhouse a lot of pop. She was so pleased with her new space to start growing her own food.

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